CJ Lofstrom
2 min readNov 26, 2020

Imagine all the savings …

Datia is a new app on the market thats aiming for a sustainable society by showing its users how their funds and equities affect the environment.

Inspired by the idea I remade the app view showcasing a listed company’s overall impact through emissions and environmental goals.


Datia MVP

Available improvements

  • Overall hard to know where to focus and which informations is the most important
  • The amount of swatches can be minimised in order to more clearly define what each of them represent and align them with the brand
  • Numbers seem somewhat loosely floating, which data belongs where?
  • Iconography and supporting artwork feel disjointed and not part of the same visual language

Revised UI

Datia Revised

Goals check with 5 key changes

  • Dividing the view into more contrasting groups, allowing easier focus on the top summary followed by encapsulated specifics
  • Highlighting key stats by applying the core brand color
  • Consistent numeral data styling, making sure the view doesn’t get overrun by loose numbers
  • Revised typography for further contrast between elements and sections
  • Simplified iconography for a more accessible navigation

All in all an easier way to get a grasp of investments impact on the world!

👉 Follow Datia’s journey on datia.app



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